Lasik anyone?

If anyone is on the fence about getting Lasik and they are a good candidate then I encourage you to go ahead and get it done!! I have been waiting a few years to have Lasik done and now wish I had gone sooner.

I had the surgery done last night, Sept. 28, 2017. Going in my right eye was 20/150 and left was 20/70. I went to my follow up appointment the next morning and am 20/25 in both eyes, and the doc said it should get a little better over time. WHAT!!! Better then 20/25 and I won’t have to wear glasses or contacts? WOOHOO!!!!!

I will admit that it is a very strange feeling having someone probe and pord your eye, even after some valoum and eye numbing drops, but I had full confidence in the doctor and his team and was prepared for some discomfort. The procedure lasted a total of 20 min. About 20 seconds of that was actual laser work. Lots of prep to make sure it is done right the first time.

I got home and had some pain but when I closed my eyes the pain subsided a bit. I ended up going to bed very early since I couldn’t keep my eyes open and still be comfortable. What a great feeling to wake up with little to no discomfort and the ability to read the clock accross the room clearly.

I won’t say it was cheap but it was definitely worth every penny.

Thank you to Dr. Haft and his staff at Florida Eye Associates in downtown Melbourne.

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