Lasik anyone?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 29, 2017 by ItalianJoe69

If anyone is on the fence about getting Lasik and they are a good candidate then I encourage you to go ahead and get it done!! I have been waiting a few years to have Lasik done and now wish I had gone sooner.

I had the surgery done last night, Sept. 28, 2017. Going in my right eye was 20/150 and left was 20/70. I went to my follow up appointment the next morning and am 20/25 in both eyes, and the doc said it should get a little better over time. WHAT!!! Better then 20/25 and I won’t have to wear glasses or contacts? WOOHOO!!!!!

I will admit that it is a very strange feeling having someone probe and pord your eye, even after some valoum and eye numbing drops, but I had full confidence in the doctor and his team and was prepared for some discomfort. The procedure lasted a total of 20 min. About 20 seconds of that was actual laser work. Lots of prep to make sure it is done right the first time.

I got home and had some pain but when I closed my eyes the pain subsided a bit. I ended up going to bed very early since I couldn’t keep my eyes open and still be comfortable. What a great feeling to wake up with little to no discomfort and the ability to read the clock accross the room clearly.

I won’t say it was cheap but it was definitely worth every penny.

Thank you to Dr. Haft and his staff at Florida Eye Associates in downtown Melbourne.


Drivers beware

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Companies should send out secret drivers to see how employees are driving their vehicles. If I see a commercial vehicle not following basic driving rules I make a mental note to not use that company anymore. If more people did this commercial drivers may pay more attention to the driving of their large vehicles in stead of what their friend just texted them!!!

Is this what it has come down to?

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Is this what we have come to?  Really?!?!  While most of us work our tails off to earn a living, to support our families, to help as we can in our community, to raise our kids to be kind and tell them that hard work will pay off, this degenerate is earning over 7 figures a year and is only 14 years old.  If you don’t know who she is let me explain:  she is the “Cash me ousside” girl from the Dr. Phil show.

Do we really need to encourage this kind of behavior?  She just bought a $90,000 vehicle and can’t even drive, is working on a tour that will net her $50,000 per appearance and a reality TV show.  And did I mention she’s a middle school dropout!!  WTF!?!?!?!?!

I don’t blame her at all for her success.  If people were putting me on a pedestal for acting like an idiot then why stop?   I blame us, her followers on social media, and the media for sensationalizing her attitude, demeanor and appearance.  Why would our kids listen to us when they can act like her and be successful?

I am going to stop there for now.  Comment as you will.

Collateral Beauty

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I don’t care how tough or “a man” you think you are, if you have a child, and don’t shed a tear during the movie Collateral Beauty then you are truly heartless!!

Road rules

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Why should we follow the rules of the road when the people paid to enforce them can’t follow them.  Even for a Brevard Sheriff it is too difficult to use their turn signal when turning off a main road. They must have been too busy talking on their phone, which we all know is not needed to do the job effectively!!!